The Ultimate Guide of Choosing Perfect Bra & Panties


It is very important for every woman to choose a right fitting bra that is best for the occasion you are wearing it for. For instance, you won’t wear the bra that you sleep in for going to gym or running. Well, choosing a perfect bra depends on many factors like the occasion, body type, breast size, fabric type, etc. This guide will help you understand all the bra types and discover all their secrets and their particularities. Discover the perfect shape and style for every occasion.


Let's Begin with Bra


Bra characterized by a deep neckline, with a triangular or seamless cup. This model contains and slightly supports the breasts and is therefore suitable for small and firm breasts.

Tip: Wear this bra if you want light support without sacrificing essential style.

Balconette/Cup Bra

Bra characterized by a deep neckline, which highlights the neckline while supporting the chest at the base with the help of an underwire; it can have cups with or without seams. Suitable for all types of breasts, but especially popular with women who don't like too much padding. This model can be recognized by its classic frames in the shape of "spectacles".

Tip: Wear it if you have a large chest. You will get a natural shape and good support for the neckline

Push-up and Super Push-up (with Underwire)

Bra characterized by the special angle of the cups and the higher underwire on the side, it enhances the chest by gathering it, lifting it and pushing it towards the center. The padding rounds out the shapes and increases their volume. The cap can be with or without seams. From lightly padded to super padded.

Tip: Wear this type of bra to highlight the neckline with a volume effect.

Push-up (Wireless)

Bra characterized by a particular inner structure in the center of the bra that replaces the underwire, it enhances the chest by gathering it, raising it and pushing it towards the center. The padding rounds out the shapes and increases the volume.

Tip: Wear it if you want to achieve an "one size bigger" effect without the constraint of the underwire.

Headband (with Underwire)

Bra that is worn without straps, it can have padded cups, underwire and boning on the sides that serve to guarantee better support, or it can be simple without any padding with underwire for internal support. Lined with an inner silicone elastic that ensures a good grip.

Tip: Wear it if you must wear low-cut and strapless clothes.

Headband (without Underwire)

Padded bandeau bra with neckline, without seams or underwire. The particular "shell" inner structure gathers the breast, offering excellent support and perfect adhesion. The silicone chest circumference is higher to guarantee optimal support.

Tip: Wear it if you must wear low-cut and strapless clothes.

After discussing about the bra now let's talk about the panties. Comfortable, sensual or minimalist? Now you can find the right shape and best style for your stockings, with help of this guide, that are perfect for any occasion.


Moderately high-cut panties, the side and waist of which can be of different dimensions: low, medium, high. The back part covers the buttocks. There are also the laser-cut version, for an invisible slip under tight-fitting clothes.

Tip: Wear it to feel comfortable and unconstrained.


Panties that go down under the buttocks and completely cover the sides, they can be slightly sheathing or covering depending on the fabric used. It exists in several versions: low, medium or high waist.

Tip: Wear it when you play sports, it adapts to all movements.

Thong and Brazilian

Panties similar to briefs at the front, but very small at the back which leaves the buttocks totally uncovered. It exists in several versions: low, medium or high waist. The Brazilian is a particular model: the back part is wider than that of the thong.

Tip: Wear it under tight clothing.

We have discussed the bra and panties, now let's discuss about lingerie, because you need to know how to choose a perfect lingerie for yourself.


The jumpsuit can have a simple construction with an underbust seam or incorporate a bra with an underwire or a padded cup. It exists in different lengths: under the buttocks (caraco), at the knee, at the calf or long to the ankle.

Tip: Wear it under a dress or use it as a nightwear on hot summer nights.


Bustier that is extended by a garter belt, the basque can be closed in the back by a series of hooks or by a zipper. It envelops the bust and the upper part of the sides with skilful alternations of cutouts and rigid and elastic fabrics; the stays shape the body and the underwiring helps to support the chest. The cup can be padded or not and the elastics of the garter belt are adjustable.

Tip: Wear it under dresses that are neither too tight nor too short, it is ideal for making you feel even sexier.

Garter Belt

Narrow band at the waist, closed by hooks at the back, which has 4 adjustable elastics to which the stockings are attached.

Tip: Wear it when you have to wear hold-ups.


Elastic band a few centimeters high, usually made of lace, initially used to hold stockings, the garter has now become a mischievous detail and symbol of good omen for young brides.

Tip: Wear it to amaze.


Body of simple construction with top tank top, it envelops the body gently. It may not have a button and be completely closed.

Tip: Wear it to feel wrapped and comfortable, and avoid the "tank top coming out" effect

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