Take Care of Your Lingerie to Take Care of Your Intimate Parts


Undergarments' are made with care, with delicate materials, special accessories for the creation of bras, it is a specialized workforce that works with complex tools and advanced technology. It is these unique techniques that maintain the shape and structure of these products over the long term.

It is important for you to keep your undergarments carefully so that you enjoy them wearing for a longer time without any problem.

Undergarments like other clothes get dirty, by sweat, etc., and hence need proper wash so that they don't get you any type of fungal infection or rashes on your skin. This guide will help you understand how you can keep your undergarments under your care so that they take care of your intimate parts and you can wear them with great comfort.



The bra is a delicate undergarment, which requires special attention.

While keeping them in your drawers, the arrangement of the bras is essential to preserve all their qualities. Shaped bras and balconettes can be folded into each other with the cup facing up. For bandeaus and bras that do not bend, they can be positioned on top of each other.

Panties and Boxers

Pile the boxers or panties in thirds, flatten them and store them one after the other, vertically so that you can see them all at a glance. And for the more daring, why not sort them by color or material?


If possible, wash your bra in lukewarm water with the right amount of detergent. This will prevent the lingerie from discoloring and the white becoming grey.

Never twist your bra, especially padded bras. Dry them away from any heat source, this will preserve the elasticity and shape of the fabric. After washing, reposition the padding to return the bra to its original shape.

Use a net for machine washes (if you don't have one, you will find one on our online store), to avoid damaging your lingerie. Carefully follow the temperature indication on the label and use mild detergents. Do not put your lingerie in the dryer.


Take care of your undergarments carefully following the washing instructions so that they remain beautiful and last over time.

Machine wash cold 30°C-85°F max with like colors

Hand wash separately in cold water

If necessary, iron at low temperature at 110°C-230°F max)

If necessary, iron at medium temperature at 150°C-300°F maximum

Do not iron

Do not use bleach

Do not use a dryer

Dry cleanable without trichlorethylene

Do not dry clean

Dry flat

Dry the hanging item

With this we are pretty sure that you will take care of your lingerie and your lingerie will take care of you and your intimate parts.

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