Perfect Bra: Our Advice for Large Breasts


How to adopt the right underwear when you have a Bigger Breast? Discover all our tips and tricks to find the model you need.

Finding the right bra is often complicated as the proliferation of brands and models is vast... And the task becomes more complicated when you have to take your body shape into account.

So, in order not to get lost in this profusion, keep in mind several objectives to guide your choice. Highlight your assets by opting for a bra that is best for your body type and your breast. Choose comfortable materials and good support to feel beautiful and sexy in a bra that combines comfort, elegance and modernity ! Here are our tips.

Perfect Bra for Large Breasts: Which Shapes Should be Favored?

  • The underwired bra is for women looking for optimal support. It often has wide straps for particularly appreciated comfort. We choose it classic with black and/or off-white colors. But for more fantasy, colorful prints always work, guaranteed glamorous effect!
  • The minimizer bra visually reduces the volume of the most generous breasts. The model has structured cups offering better support, as well as wide straps for perfect comfort. We like models with lace or satin details that give chic and elegance to these bras.
  • Half cup bra highlights your neckline by guaranteeing a sensual and natural roundness to your chest. This cut benefits the upper chest by drawing a nice curve, it is the perfect model to combine comfort and seduction. Go for it!

Plus Size Bras: Trends to Adopt

  • Styling issue: Feeling beautiful and sexy when you have curves while following the lingerie trends of the season, and respecting your body type is more than ever possible. For a glamorous look, opt for a vintage-style set with sheathing-effect high briefs and a minimizer bra.
  • Color Selection: To stick to the tones of the season, naturalness dominates; skin and nude colors are up to you, which is also ultra-easy to adopt. We also love the sober colours, synonymous with summer. For more sobriety, black and white are always a good option. Finally, we dare to mismatch our underwear, top and bottom different, with a bit of audacity; we play with materials, shapes and colors. Have fun !

Perfect Bra for Bigger Breast: Extra Tips

If your bra becomes too small, gain 5 centimeters of chest size by opting for a bra extender. Easy to attach on any bra hook by choosing the right width. Just insert it into the already existing hooks.

Finally, last thing, to avoid making mistakes, we avoid: the triangle bra because it is not suitable for bigger breasts unless you really want to show most of your breast out of them. Its support is not sufficient and the visual result is not advantageous for your figure. Ditto for frills that bring unnecessary volume as well as too flashy colors that are often unflattering.

Also avoid the strapless bra if you have bigger breasts because if you wear strapless bra your breasts will still keep stooping down and you won’t feel comfortable wearing them.

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