5 Signs that Tell You to Change Your Bra


We all have our cherished underwear. Except that, after a certain time, it is essential to renew them. Here are 5 signs that show that your bra is no longer suitable.

First of all, if your bra has been chosen correctly, at the right size, and in line with your body shape, there is a good chance that it will accompany you longer. Of course, you have several in your drawer, which allows you to alternate the use of each one as well as possible. But be aware that as a general rule, a bra, if used regularly, will last just under a year.

In addition, it is important not to wear the same bra every day, it would become unusable after two or three months.

Here are 5 tests to check if your bra is still suitable or if it needs to be replaced.

Your Bra Should Stay Still

If it is well chosen, it should normally no longer move and be forgotten once put on. If necessary, during a movement for example, it is one of the signs that prove that it must be changed.
Try to raise your arms and see whether or not: if the bra tends to rise, it means that the support is no longer optimal and you have to part with it.

The Cups Must Remain Enveloping

If you notice that it gapes at the cups, and there is free space, it is better to stop wearing it, it will be harmful for your chest. Ditto if the straps fall all the time, there is a problem!

The Bra Should Not Show Signs of Weariness Over Your Clothes

Similarly, if the cups appear and are clearly visible through clothing, it is not a good sign. It is certainly too deformed and therefore to be changed immediately.

Watch Out for the Staples on the Back

A properly sized bra should never be closed at the last (tightest) hooks. As it is worn, its fabric loosens, which obviously encourages it to be tightened. Error. Even if this makes it possible to keep it longer, it is certain that it no longer fits and that the good support is no longer optimal.

The Bra Should Not Be Too Tight

Or rather the horizontal band under the breasts. If it compresses the back circumference too much and you can't slip a finger under it (no more!), it means that it is coming to an end. It's time to buy a new one!

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